Monday, February 25, 2008

No Matter What We Do...

We are electing another white guy as our next President. Let's face facts, Barack Obama is not a black male, and Hillary is not a white female. Both are white males! Just like their Republican contenders. You don't believe me? Here, I'll prove it:

Hillary clearly wore the pants when Bill was President. He might have been elected, but she was erected as she apparently dick-tated the policies he supposedly espoused. Plus, he gets back in the White House and he will govern just like he did the first time: from the bedroom. Hence, Hillary is just another white guy.

Mr. Obama can only call himself as black as I can call myself Chinese. The fact is, he is an extremely dark skinned white guy with a black father, a white mother, a patrician family, and a "white-guy" education. So he has a black wife, lots of white guys do... they are called WAR PRIZES or "proof that I am liberated beyond skin color". And my Chinese is only skin deep. I was raised American, live a very caucasian life, and other than a few minor bits about outward appearance that I espouse, I really have no business calling myself Chinese. The fact is that I might be more Hispanic than I am Chinese because I was raised in the Southwest; and because he was raised in Hawaii, he is likely more asian than he is black. But at the end of the day, he is still a white guy!

So, my point is made. No matter who we elect, this is not a ground breaking election. At the end of the day in November, we are just electing another white guy.

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